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How does Cosmetic Acupuncture work?

At Botanical Point, skin care is a science! We take the time to evaluate each client's skin type, internal dysfunctions and current home care routine. We offer guidance, education and provide products for sale specific to individual skin concerns.

Aside from topical products, one question we are often asked: how does Cosmetic Acupuncture provide facial rejuvenation? And that answer, lies within the science.

Facial rejuvenation can have multiple definitions depending on the results sought after. For some this might be wrinkle prevention, for others it is clearing up acne and acne scarring, and for the rest it might be related to firming skin, smoothing texture and reducing the signs of ageing. All of these goals can be summed under one scientific definition: restore cellular homeostasis and balance cellular function.

There are 3 key cells we need to target for the most effective facial rejuvenation.

1. Keratinocyte/Corneocytes *Responsible for skins smoothness *Improves epidermal density *Compact layer for strong barrier function

Keratinocytes proliferate in the basal layer of the epidermis and start differentiating on their way to the surface. During this process, they profoundly change their morphology and start to produce keratin, cytokines, growth factors, interleukins and complement factors. At the natural end of keratinocytes life cycle they stop producing keratin and become corneocytes - an important layer in the skins natural defence barrier. Cosmetic Acupuncture includes deep pore exfoliation with steam which is essential to remove the to layer of corneocytes which speeds up the natural process of cells (a process that begins to slow as we age) and facial needling during Cosmetic Acupuncture initiates the healthy response of keratinocytes, releasing several growth factors that orchestrate underlying cell turn over, the mechanism behind facial rejuvenation.

2. Melanocytes *First cells to show signs of ageing *Epidermis loses 10-20% of these functioning cells every 10 years after 35 years of age

Melanocytes are very susceptible to heat injury, and when damaged hypo - or hyper - pigmentation occurs. Regulating melanocyte cell functioning is key to any successful skin treatment. This step is often facilitated with LED light therapy and the proper use of home care products.

3. Fibroblasts *Stimulate collagen, elastin, and glucosaminoglycans (hyaluronic) *Produce firmness, tightness and proper hydration

Fibroblasts are stimulated by wound healing, which is caused by needling during Cosmetic Acupuncture.

During cosmetic Acupuncture treatments we will stimulate the cells to restore homeostasis and speed up the natural process of cells, but we also need to take a close look at the internal functioning of the body. As we know cells can only do what they are told with the building blocks the body provides. Gut function plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients and minerals, and of course these nutrients must first be consumed, so dietary habits will also be examined from a holistic perspective.

If you are curious how Cosmetic Acupuncture can help you to reach your skin goals, please reach out to us, we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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