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Healing with Ancient TCM Herbal Medicine

TCM herbal formulas are combinations of medicinal herbs prescribed according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat various health conditions and imbalances in the body. These formulas have been developed and refined over thousands of years and are based on the theoretical framework of TCM, which includes concepts such as yin and yang, the five elements, and the theory of meridians and organ systems.

TCM herbal formulas are typically composed of multiple herbs selected for their synergistic effects, therapeutic properties, and ability to address specific patterns of disharmony in the body. The combination of herbs is believed to enhance efficacy, minimize side effects, and restore balance to the body's systems.

Here are some key aspects of TCM herbal formulas

  1. Syndrome Differentiation: TCM practitioners diagnose health conditions based on patterns of disharmony in the body, which are classified into specific syndromes or patterns. Each syndrome is characterized by a unique combination of symptoms, signs, and underlying imbalances in the body's energy (Qi), blood, yin, yang, and organ systems. Herbal formulas are prescribed based on the identified syndrome and its corresponding pattern of disharmony.

  2. Principles of Formulation: TCM herbal formulas are carefully formulated according to specific principles and guidelines. These may include balancing yin and yang energies, nourishing deficient conditions, dispersing stagnation, clearing heat or dampness, and harmonizing the functions of the body's organs and meridians.

  3. Combination of Herbs: TCM herbal formulas typically consist of a primary combination of herbs known as the "chief," which targets the primary pattern of disharmony, as well as secondary herbs known as "deputies," "assistants," and "envoys," which enhance the therapeutic effects, mitigate side effects, and address secondary imbalances or symptoms.

  4. Dosage and Administration: TCM herbal formulas at Botanical Point are administered in concentrated dehydrated granules and made into a medicinal tea. The dosage and duration are tailored to the individual patient's condition, constitution, and treatment goals.

  5. Safety and Quality: TCM herbal formulas should be prescribed by qualified TCM practitioners who have received training in herbal medicine and diagnosis. It is essential to use high-quality herbs from reputable sources and adhere to proper dosage guidelines to ensure safety and efficacy.

Herbal consultations are included with all treatments at Botanical Point. Your practitioner may recommend herbal formulas to speed up healing time and/or make treatments more effective. These formulas are specific to what your body needs and are given as concentrated granules that will be mixed with warm water to make a medicinal tea. Your practitioner will always inquire about current medications and allergies; however, these formulas are concentrated plant/animal/mineral products and generally do not have adverse effects when taken for the correct syndrome, dosage, and duration.  During your treatment course at Botanical Point, importance will be placed on lifestyle and dietary habits, and if deemed necessary by your practitioner, a food journal may be a useful tool for your treatment. You can read more on TCM holistic nutrition here.


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